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kim said...

Thank you from belgium. Being in a shamanic training, I discovered I can reach this Old Wisdom through my own Ancestors: The Celtic Priestesses. A lot of stories written by women speak of the same Holy Island: Mona. Conquered by the Romans..women couldn't be Queen, priestess no more.
But the knowledge still exist in our DNA, we only have to remember and reclaim our birthright..being Wild Lady's is being strong, independent because we feel our Shamanic, Holy Roots.
From this place it's easier to connect with the Same Wisdom from Cultures all over the World..But start by your own roots, so you are truly grounded in Mother Earth...and then I can receive in gratitude my memories of previous Native American Lifes and tap into the Energy of the Ancients of Atlantis and Lemuriƫ..Without being overwhelmed..My Soul remembers everything. In Love and Light. Kim Hoping one day to meet you..

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